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Telecommunication Systems (TLC) Engineer


Responsibilities of the TLC Engineer will:
• study, design and manage new and existing RF Telecommunication infrastructures: e.g. MW LOS, UHF/VHF/HF, PMR, TETRA, RADARs.
• maintain, deploy, troubleshoot and support RF Systems for a mixed customer environment;
• plan, execute and implement new systems and create and maintain team technical instructions, operating procedures and policies as needed;
• work with tight deadlines and well-defined milestones for the delivery of project objectives. The TLC Engineer is involved across all aspects of service delivery, from carrying out feasibility exercises and determining requirements to preparing detailed, technical and operational documentation.
• interact with co-workers, vendors, the general public and representatives of other organizations.
• attend meetings, conferences, task forces, committees, events, etc. to provide and receive updated information, work in unity with other business units with similar telecommunication equipment and system interests.
• draft engineering project proposals to define goals, identify the scope, background and need, and ascertain cost of equipment, parts and services.
Qualifications and Experience
The TLC Engineer will:
• design and implement TLC infrastructures, which encompass Hardware (transmitters, receivers, antennas, TETRA Base Stations, RADARs, MW IDU/ODU, etc.) and related Management Software.
• create and maintain documentation for all system-related processes and procedures that he is in charge-of, including project requirements, changes, and upgrades, implementation and migration plans.
• be an excellent problem solver who can determine the main source of product issues and provide quick, elegant solutions.
• when building and maintaining the RF TLC infrastructure, ensure that all details are correct, from system design to configuration settings, in order to avoid malfunctions, bugs, and security breaches.
• previous job experience is not required. Preferred skills: competence in using RF coverage SW Tools;
• have fundamental knowledge in TLC principles
• demonstrate initiative, applies personal talent to practical solutions
• be self-motivated and work independently as well as in teams
• be fluent in English, comprehension, reading, writing, and interpersonal skill

General Dynamics Mission Systems–Italy today is a world-class engineering, integration and installation company, supplying fully-integrated, large and complex solutions including:
• Fixed and Transportable Telecommunications, Information Systems and Networks
• Intrusion detection, Access Control, Anti-sabotage, Video-surveillance and Security systems
• Local and Remote automation systems for all Industries
• Integrated Command & Control Systems, Software design, development and integration
General Dynamics Mission Systems–Italy’s highlights include:
• Comprehensive, field-proven, world-class experience built over 50-years, working with Oil and Gas customers – major operators and EPC contractors worldwide, NATO and non-NATO defence agencies, foreign MoD/MoI.
• Proven capability to leverage innovative and state-of-the-art fully-integrated solutions, technically enhanced, at competitive price and at low risk for the customers.
• Integrated solutions designed and engineered for high reliability and easy maintainability, to meet or exceed client requirements, using first-class COTS field proven and type-approved equipment.
• Flexible and open technological systems approach: partner with multiple vendors, field proven processes – employees – practices and structure to successfully implementing and operating large and complex projects on time and on budget.
• In-house experienced multi-disciplined project team comprised of personnel from engineering and project management departments.
• Global reach – successfully referenced in Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East and in the most harsh environments (ice to desert and offshore to onshore).
• First class corporate commitment from our parent company, General Dynamics Mission Systems, and the General Dynamics Corporation.


Università Politecnica delle Marche P.zza Roma 22, 60121 Ancona - tel (+39) 071.220.1 - fax (+39) 071.220.3023 - e-mail - P.I. 00382520427