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Avery Dennison RIS Italia srl

Perform standard purchasing tasks to procure assigned supplies, equipment, materials, parts and services for support of operational requirements. The incumbent compiles and records production data to prepare records and reports on production volume, consumption of raw materials and other aspects of production from customer orders, work tickets and product specifications. The Purchasing Clerk calculates types and quantities of items produced, materials used and frequency of defects.
Activities may include, but are not limited to:
Input purchases orders. Expedite orders by suppliers to meet production. Supervise preparation of orders and follow-up to expedite delivery and shipment.
Compile and maintain information and records in order to prepare purchase orders.
Coordinate and track shipments. Ensure on-time delivery of material and initiate action for return of rejected or unsuitable orders.
Edit purchase requests and prepare purchase orders.
Consult catalogs and other references to obtain prices and specifications.
Maintain files and records of materials, prices, inventories and deliveries.
Perform related clerical duties.
Apply standard formulas to calculate extensions and discount applications.
Operate a personal computer and appropriate software packages or equivalent.
Run and review match exception reports. Resolve any discrepancies which include vendor/plant communication and system interface issues.
Manage all raw material rejects and credits with suppliers.
Manage billing discrepancies.
Work to reduce network raw materials, WIP, and finished goods inventories while optimizing service, reducing waste, and increasing inventory turns.
Ensure materials availability for production schedule.
Assess and work to improve inventory accuracy.
Improve communication and materials flow with supply chain partners.

Avery Dennison Corporation è un'azienda statunitense produttrice e distributrice di etichette adesive per indirizzi, cartoleria e alti prodotti di carta.


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