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BNP Paribas Securities Services - BNP Paribas Securities Services – Account Life Cycle manager

BNP Paribas Securities Services

Business Overview of BNP Paribas Securities Services – Account Life Cycle manager
The Account Life Cycle Manager is the Point Of Contact of the End to End Coordinator for account life cycle process. He is the pivot between the involved teams in accounts opening, the client and the End to End Coordinator for Client On-boarding. The ALC manager is responsible to start and coordinate the process of account opening, modification or closure, providing customer details to the relevant teams involved in the process.

Primary Responsibilities and related actions
The resource, within the team, will support under the supervision of senior members the following activities:

• Ensure to identify the services required by the client and that will impact the accounts and the related tools
• Ensure all preliminary KYC requirements concerning the opening’s account have been validated. Any blocking point could be coordinated with the SPOC in charge of KYC process
• Prepares and updates as necessary a checklist to collect a detailed documentation with the client
• Collects the AOF (Account opening form) and ensures it has been properly completed
• Completes the ASF (Account setup form)
• Complete specific forms potentially required by specific teams, templates for cash, etc.
• Collects specific documents concerning the opening’s account at Sub-Depositaries Network level, in order to guarantee to the client the access to international investment markets and ensures it has been properly completed
• Perform the setup of Auto-Forex, SWIFT messages keys exchange and Account interest rates
• Launches the Account Management Process in the dedicated tool
• Follow up the workflow to identify any risk of blocking point that could influence the respect of the SLA contract as signed with the client and so could inform the End to End Coordinator for Client On-boarding
• During all the process (on boarding or BAU), the ALC Manager coordinate the actions between the different teams to issue the workflow until its ended point
• Collect the confirmation of that the setups are correctly done, especially for sensitive settings
• Sends to End to End Coordinator or client the confirmation of opening/modification of setup done
• He compiles the knowledge of the tools/products/the teams

Bnp Paribas Securities Services is the biggest depositary bank in Italy. It offers administrative, securities depository and custody services and operates throughout the investment cycle providing post-trading solutions to institutional investors, financial intermediaries and issuers. The Italian BNP Paribas Securities Services pole has a capital and value added services of EUR 812 billion in custody, EUR 148 billion of administered assets, over 20 million of processed transactions, 550 managed funds and over 500 people. The Bank is present in 34 countries all over the world, it offers a global coverage in 100 markets and solutions for all types of financial products.


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