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Stage Supply Chain

Aptar italia SpA

This is a 6+6 months program that combines work experience and training program of each young person.
To be admitted to the program the candidate needs to apply for one of the project Aptar proposed. After the selection process the successful candidates will enter the Company involved in a specific project.
- DDMPR + VSM - Procurement /Planning Opt: Study the DDMRP planning method, execute the VSM for some process flow (focus in essencia), define the decoupling point inside the process, test the planning software identified for a pilot phase in term of performance and integration with SAP
- LT reduction - Block Planning: Study of SAP- Apo tools concerning block planning & forecast management functions, develop the application of this method to reduce LT ordering in advance components according with forecast received from customer (alternative flow to «34» order solution).
- OTIF as Requ. - Order acknowledgement optimization: Study of SAP flows in particular flow on order acknowledgment and metrics , propose actions to improve the process and KPI, implementation of the action plan.
- SAP-APO tools optimization (focus on external procurement flows and internal molding): Study of APO/SAP tool concerning procurement activities, develop method and procedure to monitor suppliers load and internal molding load ; fine tuning of procurement parameters to armonize procurement flow + molding production to the needs of assembly.
- WIP reduction: Study of internal logistic , production planning and production execution in order to indentify over production , propose improvement actions for the AS IS

Aptar italia è parte della Multinazionale Aptar Group leader mondiale nel settore dei sistemi di erogazione con oltre mezzo secolo di esperienza nel settore, in continua evoluzione, delle confezioni per prodotti di consumo. Aptar italia è attiva nel segmento del Beuaty & Home relativamente a prodotti per l'Home care, Personal Care e Cosmetici.


Università Politecnica delle Marche P.zza Roma 22, 60121 Ancona - tel (+39) 071.220.1 - fax (+39) 071.220.3023 - e-mail - P.I. 00382520427