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Stage Engineering

Aptar italia SpA

This is a 6+6 months program that combines work experience and training program of each young person.
To be admitted to the program the candidate needs to apply for one of the project Aptar proposed. After the selection process the successful candidates will enter the Company involved in a specific project.
- Manufacturing Intelligence
- Low cost automation system for feeding and handling of small components
- Electronic and Pneumatic drivers: performances benchmark and data analysis for manufacturing intelligence application.
- Thermodinamic study and modeling of injection molds for polyolefines.
- Use of sensors for quality and process control in injection molds for poliolefines of small size parts
- Use of Post Consumer Resin on large scale production
- Study and characterization of materials, surface treatments and/or additives to improve the resistance to mechanical scratches/damaging of aesthetical components
- High Flexibility Assembly Machines: study and implementation of new technological solutions
- Universal Feeder – study and development of innovative solutions for feeding and ordering of widely different parts (size and shape) with auto-setup
- Study and development of technologies for parts defects detection in deep-learning: implementation in assembly process and quality control process
- Statistical Process Control application to assembly machines: study and development of alternative methodologies using discrete parameters
- New automation for Material Handling Optimization: study of automatic systems for material handling from and to the shopfloor with implementation of Autonomous Vehicles.

Aptar italia è parte della Multinazionale Aptar Group leader mondiale nel settore dei sistemi di erogazione con oltre mezzo secolo di esperienza nel settore, in continua evoluzione, delle confezioni per prodotti di consumo. Aptar italia è attiva nel segmento del Beuaty & Home relativamente a prodotti per l'Home care, Personal Care e Cosmetici.


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