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Procurement Transformation Team Intern

Unicredit Business Integrated Solutions

Procurement manages all activities related to the management and optimization of products and services purchasing process, contributing in an effective way to the cost rationalization. The Structure is responsible for purchasing goods and services for the whole Group, managing the purchase demand, implementing a single vision for the development of the purchasing function and addressing the category sourcing strategy while supervising Company costs in order to identify specific actions for their rationalization. The structure is also responsible for scouting and searching the market and for monitoring the quality performance of vendors.
Key tasks and responsibilities
Support the Program Management in the transformation program and particularly in:
- Typical PMO activities;
- Support the creation and development of a new Service Model;
- Change Management;
- Streamline processes and procedures according to local complexity (more than 15 countries involved)
- Implementation of a large IT Landscape redesign;
- Communication and coordination of the overall program
The experience we offer to you - MILAN
- Have a significant role in a Strategic, Transformation Initiative of a truly global function;
- Work and visibility in a multinational environment (cross countries and cross LEs)
- Enrich your knowledge on numerous topics like change management, project management, supply management and many more;
- Challenge in a positive way.
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UniCredit Services is part of UniCredit Group. Its mission is to provide the backbone for the whole Group business success by becoming the main partner for the business evolution of the Group entities, providing solutions in the Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Back Office & Middle Office, Real Estate, Security and Global Sourcing areas. The Company has about 10.000 colleagues and oversees activities in Austria, Germany, Italy, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, New York and Singapore.


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