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Floema Design Ltd.

Participation in the definition of the company strategic directions for the internationalization in the CEE market, competitor analyses, sales and marketing channels identification, active contribution in creating defined actions to target the company growth, representing the company in different international events and associations (e.g. industrial, sector, market fairs), identification of potential new clients and partners, approaching and making follow up with already found potential clients and partners (composed by constructors, interior designers, architects, leasing companies), taking part on international research & development projects and leading selected sub-activities, social media management, communication and informative content creation for specific defined materials, interaction with the headquarter’s colleagues to align on different common projects and activities, company presentations and reports preparation, trade fairs planning and organization, national and international tenders screening and related material preparation.

The educational targets are identified in learning/improving both specific means of corporate management and in the meantime thinking strategically with a big picture. The company will aim to transfer to the intern all the knowledge to successfully manage a medium-sized company which has been expanding its businesses in other geographical markets. Furthermore, the trainee will have the chance to learn a series of soft skills related to negotiations, communication and consultancy, since the intern will be involved in business meetings with the aim to representing the company also autonomously during and after the internship.

Financial contribution for a specific accommodation arranged by the company, opportunities of project-based work also in “smart working” (flexi-time and flexi-place), foreign business trips, participation and representing the company in international fairs & exhibitions, hiring possibility at the end of the internship.

Preferably minimum 6 months

There is not a precise starting date, because Floema Group regularly looks for talented trainees.

Floema Group was established as integration of two furniture related companies, aiming to target a new and revolutionary conception of interior design, completely unique and without precedents, thanks to the professionalism of its 55 employees.

The Group includes two consolidated brands that, for a long time, successfully focused on the Home Décor sector, combining tradition and innovation, together with an distinctive all-Italian style: Cinova and Floema Panels. Beside this, Floema Panels also develops, manufactures and sells high performance soundproofing acoustic panels, specifically thought for any environment and which contributes to achieve a greater acoustic comfort and a better sound quality.


Università Politecnica delle Marche P.zza Roma 22, 60121 Ancona - tel (+39) 071.220.1 - fax (+39) 071.220.3023 - e-mail - P.I. 00382520427